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.P. MATA & CO., INC. was founded in 1966 by Captain Benjamin P. Mata, a noble product of the world renowned Philippine Merchant Marine Academy and a seasoned Master Mariner with an illustrious service career in the Maritime Industry. With a pioneering spirit, Capt. Mata envisioned his company to become a catalyst for positive change and development through the delivery of specialized goods and services. Focusing on customer satisfaction with a passion for continuous service improvement and adherence to key principles of Quality, Safety and Reliability, BP MATA has become synonymous to SEA SAFETY. Through the many years of dedicated service, a well-established track record, a vast wealth of experience and strong partnerships with the world's leading safety equipment manufacturers, BP MATA has become a trusted name in the industry, garnering local and international recognitions and is by far the undisputed leader in its field. Headquartered in Manila, BP MATA offers top-notch Sea Safety, Life-saving and Fire-fighting equipment products and service solutions to various industries in Maritime transport, Offshore-energy, Ship-building, Fisheries, Defense, Rescue & Disaster response as well as to the Leisure markets.

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