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Established since 1948, Harinpanich Co.,Ltd., the Company first engaged in building and operating small wooden fishing boats, passenger boats, and coastal cargo boats. Out of concern for safety of the crew, Mr. Amphol Harinsuit, then President of Haringroup, began importing Fujikura liferafts for Harin fleet, and later opening the Liferaft Service Station for general commercial usage. The Station was the first of its kind to be approved by Marine Department, Ministry of Transport in 1986. Then in 2010, Nippon Kaiji Kyokai, Bangkok Office acknowledged and accepted Harinpanich Liferaft Service Station to service liferafts for NK class ships. Harinpanich now holds the Manufacture’s authorizations for Servicing of Fujikura, RFD-TOYO and TOYO as well as Haining liferafts. Our cumulative experience span servicing all rafts brands from Fujikura, RFD, Mitsubishi, CRV, DSB, CSM, Toyo, Haining, Youlong, Viking, and Tokugawa; and lifeboats and davits from Jiangsu Jiaoyan, Beihai, Tsuneishi, Nishi-F, Sekigahara, Mansei, and Shigi.

Harin Panich specializes in the sales, inspection, and servicing of both portable and fixed fire extinguishing systems, covering all major ports in Thailand. Our team of experienced, and qualified professionals provide firefighting training. We believe that safety starts with the firm’s culture, staffs’ awareness, and rigorous exercises. We have experience servicing ClassNK vessels carrying all brands of Fire Safety Equipment from Unitor, Kawasaki, Kashiwa, Hwayan, Fangzhan, MSA, Scotts Safety, and Interspiro.

Authorized distributor of world renowned emergency ration and beverage Seven OceanS®.

Authorized for inflatable liferafts and lifeboats accessories and safety equipment from Comet®.

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