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Mr.Boatman started in 1989 as a simple retailer store a dealer for Seadoo PWC ,Yacht and marine supply products. It has currently nine branches and 3 strategic points of sales to the rich and helthy man. Over the past 19 years, it has been a dealer of water sport Seadoo PWC. Speed Boat, outboard engines as we grown and has 1998 Mr.Boatman starts its business in Phuket(Thailand) of its owners, a village in butifull sea,sand beach and warm water all year around. On the same year we become a distibutor a Sea scooter. we start to import Seadoo Seascooter and services in Phuket. additional brands and items were introduced to the shop.Life style brands found their way two years later into that growing business we have to
move to Bangkok main big city of Thailand.A retail store was operational.The wholesale department starts its functions. The main idea is to supply and rental services the Seadoo seascooter and water sports equpments of the region. The demand of the market and the insight of the owners required the expansion of the business.
The customers relationship with Mr.Boatman has always been valued on both retail and wholesale levels. Our target goes from associations, clubs, hotel and schools to professionals and amateurs. At Mr.Boatman retail shop, every one can identify himself, whether you are young, adolescent, old, amateur, professional or simply just enjoy feeling at ease by choosing sports apparel and related or lifestyle brands.