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Cruising in Phuket

The waters off Phuket’s east coast are situated in a protected swath of the Andaman Sea, ensuring excellent and safe cruising all year long.

There is a wet and a dry season, all based on the monsoons that influence the weather and wind directions.

On Thailand’s west coast, the northeast monsoon begins in November, ushering in light to moderate northeasterly winds between 10 and 20 knots, cooler temperatures, and drier conditions. In May, the southwest monsoon begins.

Southwesterly winds gradually strengthen to more than 20 knots at the peak of the rainy season, which occurs in September and October.

In most other rainy season months, it only rains for a couple of hours during the late afternoon.

Daytime temperatures average 89°F from July through February, and 61°F at night. It’s hotter March through June.

The tidal range can exceed eight feet, which creates swift tidal currents in narrow channels. Navigation is often line-of-sight. However, a careful eye on the chart and GPS is advised because of the numerous coral reefs.

A Phuket charter vacation is well within the reach of captains confident in basic coastal navigation.

Phuket Highlights

A Phuket yacht charter unfolds in an exotic part of the world with stunning scenery and easy passages, which is what makes cruising in Phang-nga Bay and the Andaman Sea so appealing.

Secluded coves fringed with majestic limestone cliffs and pristine white-sand beaches indent many of the islands, and just offshore are coral reefs resplendent in hues of brown, orange, green, and blue. Marine parks set aside as natural preserves to protect the tropical birds and abundant sea life make exploring these waters a voyage into an unspoiled paradise.

Enjoying the culture and savoring the local cuisine is a delightful aspect of a Phuket cruising vacation, as is the snorkeling and scuba diving.

For charter guests interested in nightlife, Phuket is known as Thailand’s premier resort island.

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