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Gold Coast boatbuilder Riviera has welcomed a record intake of new apprentices for a second consecutive year heading into 2021.

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A total of 41 new apprentices joined the Riviera team this week following an extensive recruitment program during the year. In comparison, Riviera welcomed 33 new apprentices this time last year.

The latest intake has increased apprentices working with the 600-strong team to 89.

Riviera’s Safety and Training Manager, Adam Houlahan, said more apprentices were being recruited to meet continued growth.

“The apprentice program at Riviera is an important part of our commitment to developing the master craftsmen and women of the future,” said Mr Houlahan. “Each of our apprentices receives intensive training to create world-class luxury motor yachts.”

Riviera are expecting the benefits of a record apprentice recruitment over consecutive years will be felt in years to come when the recruits have achieved certified qualifications in their respective trades.

More than 300 apprentices have now graduated from the Riviera program since its inception almost 30 years ago and many are still part of the company’s team of qualified and highly awarded craftspeople.

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